Ungroup - lost files

Hi all
I’m hoping someone can help me out here!
I seem to have managed to lose an entire folder full of journal articles by accidentally clicking ungroup. I was in the corkboard view, and was playing around with the tiles.
After I ungrouped everything, I could see all of the articles listed below the folder they used to be in. I saw someone else had this issue on the forum, so tried to highlight them and move them back into the folder. Only when I highlighted them all to move them back into the folder, they all disappeared. They were purely journal articles (there was no document notes, etc).
I would super appreciate your thoughts on this. I use Scrivener to write my PhD thesis and losing all of these documents would be devastating!
Many thanks in advance.

Because I’m clearly a genius, I actually had Scriv opened on another computer. Used save as and just created a new doc. It seems my heart has stopped racing.