Unicode support?

If I type 1E61 then Alt+x in Word, I get ṡ (‘s’ with a dot above it).

If I type the same thing in Scrivener, I get 1E61x, as if the alt-key were ignored.

Is there any way to enter Unicode symbols in Scrivener? I write fantasy, and a language I created relies heavily on characters that aren’t easy to type. I’m trying to figure out the easiest way to do this… I want something quick, because when I’m typing a name repeatedly, I don’t want to have to derail my train of thought with copy-and-pasting or alt-tabbing or anything like that.


ETA: I found out that I can use the substitutions option in Scrivener, so that I can simply have ‘.s’ turn into ṡ, etc… but I’d still rather use the unicode options. Is there any way to make alt+x activate the unicode transformation in Scrivener, or am I effed?

You should be able to do this with the Alt+Numpad codes–e.g. “ṡ” I think is Alt+7777. (Not on a full keyboard right now so I can’t verify this in Scrivener; I’ll have to double-check later.) If you’re writing them a lot though you may want to consider substitutions (which won’t affect everywhere in the interface but will work in the editor), switching to another keyboard layout (e.g. an international one that will have quick shortcuts for various accented letters), or installing a third-party program for using macros across your programs to do text substitution. There was just recently a thread on some in I think the Feedback forum with a bunch of free ones, so that might be worth checking out.

EDIT: Never mind, it was in Tech Support: https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/shortcuts-for-special-characters/15587/1