Unified App Store and Scrivener

Earlier today I happened to read a forum posting on DPReview, which mentioned that the App Store now recognises software installed from other sources, so if you subsequently download an update through the App Store it will then show up as a purchased item that can then be downloaded onto all your computers. dpreview.com/forums/post/52396955

I just wondered what the pros and cons are of doing this as far as Scrivener is concerned? I currently have the latest version purchased direct from the developer, so I don’t know if it differs in an way to the App Store version.

I can see dangers in a situation where the App Store becomes too dominant for distribution but a friend was telling me recently how he deliberately purchases software from the App Store now because it enables him to get a new computer set up as quickly as possible from a clean install. It also enables him to update software on his other machines much more quickly.

I think this only applies to Apple apps, not third-party ones.

I guess that would make sense. It’s all become a bit confusing lately, since you can purchase certain apps from the App Store and then install them directly from the developer because they still recognise the App Store registration code. This works with GarageSale for example but not 1Password who will now allow you to run ongoing betas from their own site or the App Store version. To quote the recent song title there are a lot of blurred lines.

Scrivener allows this too, but this is something developers have to choose to do using a neat little technique suggested by the MarsEdit developer a while ago. We do it mainly so that App Store users can try out our public betas and be recognised as registered users, and so that they can download the regular version if the MAS version is stuck in review for weeks while the regular version is out.