Unifying the "Synopsis" sections into one document

I have many chapters and have kept track of the synopsis of each one in the “Synopsis” tab for every document. I’d like to concatenate each document’s synopsis into one grand summary of the whole project. Before I go copy and pasting from document after document, is there a way to automate the process? I know how to click the folder to see all the text laid out in the same scroll-window, but the synopsis information isn’t there (presumably because many folks would like to write a different synopsis for the whole folder). Thanks in advance. Cheers!

I would compile the project, selecting only the synopsis for all documents, and select e.g .rtf for output. That would be easy to import back into the project.

If this is just for your own information – you don’t need a permanent document like lunk describes – you can also use Outline view. Enable the Synopsis display in the View → Outliner Options list, and then expand/collapse outline sections as needed to see what you want.