Uninstall beta first?

Do I need to uninstall the beta before installing 1.0? And if so, will 1.0 find my old project automatically or how does it work? Do I need to save my project before uninstalling? So many questions…

I’m sorry if this has already been covered, but I couldn’t find it.


Yes, it’s a good idea to do that. Just to make sure all of the old development gremlins have been wiped out. You’ll probably need to locate your projects before-hand and know where they are. Uninstalling will wipe out the “Recent Projects” menu and the auto-load feature. So when you fire up 1.0 fresh, it won’t be aware of your existing material. You can load existing projects with the File/Open... menu command, or by double-clicking on .scrivx files in the Explorer.

It’s recommended that you uninstall any existing versions before installing 1.0, so you’ll start with a clean slate. Your projects won’t be touched, but it’s a good idea to back them up all the same. Your preferences and customizations–e.g. if you modified the buttons on the main toolbar–will get reset, so you’ll have to set those up again, but this will ensure that you don’t get any potentially buggy carryover from any betas. Custom templates, your personal word list, and saved compile settings will all remain untouched in your user AppData folder, so you’ll be able to access these again after installing 1.0.

You will need to use the Open Existing Project… option when first accessing your projects, as the Recent Projects menu will need to repopulate, but the projects themselves will still be stored wherever you originally saved them on your computer. By default this will be in your Documents folder, but you may have chosen another location. If you’re not sure, try running a Windows search for “.scriv” and then checking the file path on the results.

Ok. How do I uninstall the beta?

In the Start menu, select All Programs, scroll the the Scrivener folder, and within that you should find the uninstaller. Or, you can use the Control Panel’s Add or Remove Programs to do this.

Say I didn’t wait for a reply. It would be a stupd thing to do, but say I didn’t because I just e-mailed myself a copy of my project and thought: what the heck, I’m in a hurry. After installing 1.0, but before entering any verificationnumber I read the answer and so I thought I’ll just uninstall everything and start over. And say I did and now after uninstalling there are still several files and folders left in the folder called Scrivener (backups, docformats, resources, tutorial, aspell, Qt-somethings, Quick-somethings). If a person did a stupid thing like that, are those files supposed to still be there, or do I need to delete them before installing 1.0 again.


Just delete the Scrivener folder and reinstall; it’s fine. No worries. :slight_smile:

Although, don’t do that if you keep your Project Files as a sub-folder of the Scrivener directory… Move them somewhere safe first.

Thanks! :smiley:

It was all hypothetical of course. :wink: