Uninstalled/re-installed Scrivener -- serial number not accepted

I recently purchased iOS of Scrivener, but was having sync problems, so decided to uninstall Scrivener both from my iPhone and my Mac. Reinstall on iPhone went smoothly, but when I went to download and install Scrivener 3, it said I needed to update my Mac. I did so (now running 10.12.6) – but when I opened Scrivener to enter my serial number it said “Invalid Serial Number or Name”. I’ve checked and double-checked both the name and the serial number (copy-pasting and typing in by hand) but no luck.

Is it possible that I need to re-buy Scrivener? My serial number starts SCRVNR001 – is the license only valid for earlier versions of the software?

Thank you for your help!

Yes, a SCRVNR001 will only work with Scrivener 2. To get a Scrivener 3 license, visit our store at www.getscrivener.com. It should recognize your email address and apply the upgrade discount automatically.