uninstaller cleaner

I would like to be provided a complete uninstaller cleaner.

I had the beta installed on many computers. Before i install 3, i want to remove all traces of scrivener.

Antivirus makers provide such a tool.

Like this? https://www.iobit.com/en/advanceduninstaller.php

Thank you for this. I will use it for stuff.

BUT::::: given that the update installer did NOT remove the previous version, beta users should be provided a tool to remove all traces of the beta versions.

How is that not reasonable?

Because it was a BETA, so has risks

And there are plenty of free tools and google available articles on cleaning out ghost entries.


I will note that there are a couple of places these can ended up this article covers the other “WOW” location I found one Scrivener entry in.

Well, to do that level of removing from the Beta times point of view, you’d have to have kept track of every possible error programs or Beta users might do. I suspect you can see that’s not possible.

Depending on folks who build hunt-down cleaners for after the fact, is this a much more sensible option.

I installed updates from the auto-update function…

I should be provided with a cleaner to remove all remnants of previous installations.

To blame the user for doing what the user was told to do is not useful.

I was able to remove the beta entries by following the advice in this article below.

I now have two installations displayed in the APPs list.
April 2 2021
June 17 2021

It is unlikely you’re going to get what you want any time soon, so go into the registry and remove the offending entries. There are three locations to look at:


There is also data here, but I am not familiar with this key, and the data appears to be very specific: