Uninstalling Scrv 1 after installing Scrv 3

Dear Friends: Thanks for all your good and prompt help in this forum. Hopefully a quick (and simple) question: I recently installed Scrv 3 without a glitch. It’s a wonderful upgrade. Thanks L & L. However, I did not first uninstall Scrv 1. Is it okay to now simply uninstall Scrv 1 without losing any documents I’ve prevoiusly written? I prefer not to have two versions of Scrv on my computer. Please advise. Many thanks as always.

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NO app I know of is anything but independent of the files it opens & edits. That is, you can delete any app and the files are still there, or you can delete all the files and the app is still there. I think that’s true, more or less, even for cloud-based apps that keep their files in iCloud or Google Drive. (Scrivener is a local hard drive app.)

The only reason you’d need to keep version 1 is if you might want to use version 1 again. Even then, you can always download and install it again.

Scrivener 1 and Scrivener 3 are separate apps, too. You can leave version 1 sitting there forever and the only consequence is that it takes up disk space. Or right-click on Scrivener (the old icon, not the new one) in the Windows Settings->Apps list and uninstall it.

Many thanks for this detailed reply. Much appreciated. I’ll give it a try.

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