Unintended blue and underlined paragraph

For some reason a paragraph in my project has turned blue with underlining. It doesn’t seem to be a matter of simply changing the colour, it behaves like a link that doesn’t lead anywhere.

I’ve tried to find a solution online. It was not something I’d copied from someplace else (like I read on the forum). Choosing ‘remove link’ doesn’t do anything either (another tip I found on the forum) and neither did ctrl-shift-v. Copy-pasting just gave me the same paragraph in blue and underlining once more.

Is there a way to remove this other than typing the whole paragraph again?

There is a “Remove link” command down under the Edit menu about half way down. It will be grayed out until you select an active link.

I’m not sure it will work for you.
I’m trying to figure out a fix for terrible typing lag - and I figured out a lot of blue links can cause that. But this command didn’t help that issue.