Unique menu names to facilitate custom shortcuts

Some menu items are named identically, making it hard (impossible) to create custom shortcuts based on name alone.

Specifically, I’d like to change the shortcut for View > Move Focus To > Binder. However, the custom shortcut interface in Mac OS X goes by the title of the menu item at the very end; in this case, “Binder”. There are a couple menu items in addition to the one I’d like to target that end the same way: View > Collections > Binder, and View > Use Label Color In > Binder. Making those names unique would really help when it comes to making new shortcuts.

This naming issue also applies to items like File > Import > Files, and File > Export > Files. But those already have sensible shortcuts, and are much less often used (for me, in any case).

I kept Scrivener 1.5 around, just in case I wasn’t fond of the new version. That lasted all of a day. Thanks for making such a great instrument for thinking on the page.

Thanks for the kind words.

Unfortunately it’s very difficult to make every single menu item name unique without the naming becoming really clunky, but I’ll certainly consider it when we have more time in the future.

All the best,