Universal image?

Is there a way to have a universal/global image in scrivener that stays shown when I open any document in the binder? I prefer to have something like this–an inspiring, visually pleasing image–as I’m typing. I want to avoid copying and pasting the same image to every document’s notes section; it would be monotonous and a time waster. Is it possible to have a universal or global image for all the documents? Thanks.

Would a background image behind the text editor work for you? You can see an example of what may look like in this theme post.

That setting is in File ▸ Options..., under Appearance: Main Editor: Colors: Fixed Width Background. Click the “Choose Texture” button to select an image.

It seems like that would do it, but it’s not working. I only see a white background in the editor, and the image is not appearing. Also, in the example theme post, the image is stretched to fill the entire editor, and part of the editor itself is hiding the background image. Is that intended?

I would try saving the image in another format, perhaps what you’re using isn’t recognised. Another thing to try is to make it square, as the feature (as you can guess from the name) is really meant more for textures that tile over and over rather than large backgrounds.

Oh there is another thing you can try as well: put the image in your binder, select it, and then use the Navigate ▸ Open ▸ in Copyholder menu command. You can right-click in the image header area, below the main editor header, and change the orientation top or bottom, which may work better. You can also drag the divider to change the amount of space it uses. The nice thing about copyholders is that they don’t scroll out of the way like an image pasted into the editor would, and plus they stick no matter what you work on until you close them. So in a way it’s a lot like what you asked for originally: an image that is always there.

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Using the copyholder works great! But, If I close and reopen Scrivener, the copyholder goes back to appearing onto the side of the main editor, and I have to manually change it back to “bottom”. Also, If I choose another document and view it as a copyholder, the current copyholder with the image is replaced with it. How can I solve these problems? Thanks.

There’s nothing you can do about this, besides repositioning the Copyholder. It’s a bug I reported a while ago, so hopefully it’ll be fixed at some point.


Yes, that is a bug that has been fixed for the next update. Though in double-checking it, I see there are still some issues that need to be hammered out with it. For the moment though you do have to set it every time you reload, which is a bother—as a heavy user of copyholders, I know!

Also, If I choose another document and view it as a copyholder, the current copyholder with the image is replaced with it. How can I solve these problems? Thanks.

The idea won’t work as well if you already use the copyholder feature, this is true. Though do note that copyholders do have their own separate built-in “history”. They use the same shortcuts as the main editor. So you can reference something, and when you’re done, click into the copyholder and hit Ctrl-[ to get back to the image.

Another option to consider is using splits if you aren’t already. You can Alt+click on an item in the binder to load it beside the current text—and that split can have its own copyholder as well, meaning you can be working with up to four different resources simultaneously. If by default that comes up with the split being horizontal, just hold down the Alt key and click on the split button, the rightmost button in the editor header bar, to flip the orientation to vertical (it will then go on using that even after you close it).

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You mentioned using document notes for this; how about using the Project Bookmarks view in the inspector? Just add a bookmark to the photo there, and keep the inspector open to the bookmarks tab, and that tab set to view the project bookmarks.

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I just tried it out. Thank you for the suggestions.

I just tried out this approach and I really like it. I can import multiple images to the project bookmarks, and choose the image that I want at anytime. Thanks.