Universal Notes?

I guess I can use this forum to ask questions as well!
I might just be missing something major here, apologies if I am. I’ve been looking at all methods of making notes/annotations etc. What I thought I’d find is a way to make notes in any part of the project and then see a list of them all in one place - with links back to where they are set.
I can’t see a way to do this.
Any thoughts?

Hmm, I’m sure someone will come up with a ‘better’ solution, but two things you can try:

  1. Instead of making notes all over the place, just use the scratch pad - which can float on top of all your files and documents. However, that’s a bit unwieldy for longer note takers.

  2. Write your notes in the “Document Notes” panel of the Inspector Pane. You can then search through these in the search bar that sits above the inspector by clicking the little down arrow by the magnifying glass and selecting “notes” as the search area. If you are confident that all of your notes will have at least two words in them, then you can just search for " " (ie a single space) and the documents which have notes will show up in the binder bit. Or if you are being thorough, put a defined note string of characters at the start of every note eg “{note}” or a just something that can be done with consecutive keyboard keys but is not likely to turn up in writing such as “zxc” (unless you have a fantasy novel with strange names, I guess). Search for that in our notes and even less notes wil show up.

Neither is quite what you are after so maybe someone has a better idea?

On the mac, if that’s you’re platform, consider Inspector Annotations. The text is in a little sticky-note in the inspector to the right of your text, and is anchored to a specific part of your text. When you view your documents in Scrivenings mode, all of the annotations are listed together. Clicking on one of them takes you to the passage they’re linked to.

EDIT: Looks like the manual refers to them as Linked Notation, as seen in section 17.2.

P.S. Maybe an administrator can move this to Technical Support (Mac), where questions like these go.

I would have thought project notes would be used for this. On the Mac version, you can have multiple project notes and you can view them in their own project notes window, and then you can view them all in the inspector alongside any item, too.

Alternatively, inspector comments (again on the Mac) can all be seen together in scrivenings mode. And Find by Formatting allows you to cycle through every comment or annotation in your project.

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Wait, wait, wait! Keith, you mentioned in another thread that you weren’t willing to make the Targets window dock as a part of the Inspector because Targets was a Project-level thing and the Inspector was only for Document-level things. Yet you designed Project Notes, a Project-level thing to dock in the Inspector?!?!

BTW, i’m a huge fan and no fussing at all. But I’m like the person who requested a dockable Targets window, I’m not much on floating windows and want things to show up in the same place every time. Don’t need the Targets window all the time, but when I do, I don’t want it covering something else up. I’m probably not a valid use case for validating user wants though as a new Mac user and only on an 11 inch MacBook Air. Thanks for a great program!

This is completely different - there is already a notes area in the inspector and project notes just swaps with it (it’s also off-topic, and not the place to bring up old hobby horses - please let’s not derail Ivan’s thread :slight_smile: ).
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