Universal Notes?

I might just be missing something major here, apologies if I am. I’ve been looking at all methods of making notes/annotations etc. What I thought I’d find is a way to make notes in any part of the project and then see a list of them all in one place - with links back to where they are set.
I can’t see a way to do this.
Any thoughts?

(I’ve also posted this in the Scrivener for Dummies forum in Wish List)

Personally I use the Scratchpad for this sort of thing.

This question isn’t really feedback, it belongs in Technical Support, where it will get the attention it deserves. Also, double-posting to different forums just makes it harder to keep up with, and tends to irritate some. And not to harp on you, but the Scrivener for Dummies forum is for suggestions to the author of that book on what should go into it, not for questions like this.

Sorry. Don’t want to be a harpy-harping-harper, but the purpose of each forum is posted as a sticky of each forum, or in the description in the list of forums, and will help guide you to post in the best place.