Universal notes

I’d find it really handy if it would be possible to have chapter-wide or project-wide notes. Possibly similar to a sticky, these notes, if attached to a document or group, would appear for all sub-documents. Right now, I copy a lot of my notes from one sub-section to the next, and it seems like there should be a better way. (I’m hoping this is an already implemented but undiscovered feature, like the power of the HUD.)

A variation on this would be a sticky or pop-up of notes that would appear when opening a project. It’d be nice to have a little jotting of whatever I was thinking about when I shut down yesterday and, perhaps, a few more general reminders about the project. Right now I just write all this stuff inline on whatever doc I was last editing, so this opening pop-up really is just a dreamy wish.

And I can’t thank you enough for how great Scrivener already is.

Scrivener Gold used to have a “To Do” list that worked like this. I got rid of it because you can now just keep text documents in the root folder.

The reason I haven’t implemented global notes is that you can just use a text document for this, keep it in the root above the draft folder, and open it in a split if you want. And chapter notes can be kept within the chapter folder text… This is kind of how things are designed to work. So, if you wanted a list of reminders or "To Do"s, you might create a “To Do” document above the Draft folder. Then, whenever you want to open it up, just click on the split button to open a new split, click on the icon in the header file of the second split and select “Go To” - your “To Do” list will be the first thing in the list that appears.

I feel this system provides more flexibility than just having rigid project-wide notes or a set “To Do” list…

And remember, you can keep notes anywhere in the draft and just set them so that they are not to be included in the export.


Another handy tip: I like to use a “boilerplate” annotation that I copy and paste into every new document. It contains character names for reference, and a few Scrivener Links to useful documents. I have my global notes and ToDo document linked right in there. If you have your preferences set up to open links in the other split, it will even automatically open a split for you, and toggle between your linked documents when you click on them. Since it is an annotation, I do not have to worry excessively over whether or not it gets deleted when I’m done with the document.

Mmm. Split. I suspected there was a way…Thanks!