Universal set keyword -- remove for task done.

Is there a way to tie a keyword to every text file with a one-time operation, so that I can remove it when I have completed the task for which it is a marker?

That way, I can search for the keyword and discover the files for which I have not performed the task.

You can select multiple files in the binder and then open the floating keyword window (Project->Project Keywords), then drag the keyword onto the selection. That will add the keyword to all selected documents.

If you make use of document templates, then you can add the keyword to the template, so that new documents created using that template already have the keyword (and any other metadata/boilerplate text you want to set up for it).

Thanks, rdale.

That certainly solves the problem.

Since I posted the query, I have discovered SpringfieldMH’s intriguing post in the Tips Forum: https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/multi-column-outlining-already-exists-in-scrivener/30955/1 , in which the procedure for adding items to the Outliner columns is explained. That is somewhat relevant, as it gives another way to selectively group information.