Unknown backup files

I have a couple of unknown files in the backup folder.

zivw4INs (6.98 GB)

ziX2B58r (842.3 MB)

No file extension.

Are they okay to delete?


Those look like temporary files, perhaps created while the system was zip compressing the backup. Given the sizes of them, the zip process may have been terminated before project backup could complete and so all that is left is a partial archive. If you’ve ever forced the backup process to quit because it was taking forever (as it would for a 7gb file!) then it’s likely this is the result and they are safe to discard.

Whatever the case, they aren’t anything directly related to Scrivener. If my hunch above is correct and they are partial archives, they could probably be recovered with a zip repair tool, but if you already have other backups, there is probably no need for that.