Unknown Error when exporting

I’ve been trying to export a manuscript, but no matter what format I choose, I consistently get this error: [attachment=0]1.png[/attachment] I saw another thread where someone suggested it may be windows firewall–I added an exception for the scrivener.exe file to the allowed apps, but it still produces this error. Any ideas? Thank you.

Turn off the firewall entirely and try again?

Tried it with the firewall turned off, unfortunately it returns the same error.

What is the full path, including the file name? If it is over 260 characters and LongPathsEnabled is off in the registry, a file open call will fail.

Using Regedit, check your registry under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\FileSystem and see if LongPathsEnabled is set to 1. If it is not, double-click the name and change the 0 to a 1.

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I changed the ‘LongPathsEnabled’ in Registery Editor to a 1–when I try to export the manuscript as various formats, I get this error:


Do you recognize the C:\Users\14136\Documents\Manuscript folder? Is your user name 14136 and you have a Manuscript file or folder in Documents?

Are you Compiling to PDF or using File/Export?

That is my username (just the default one whenever I set up this laptop, I think). I don’t have a ‘manuscript’ folder my my documents, though. I originally had the .scrivx file for this project in my documents, but I had to move it to an isolated folder on my desktop, as, for some reason, having it in My Documents meant every time I tried to move/alter other files in my documents, I would get the ‘file/folder is in use’ error, even when I did the ‘Close Project’ button when exiting scrivener. Edit: I just succesfully did the ‘Compile’ option and made it into a pdf, which is a step in the right direction. I can always somehow convert this pdf into an editable doc–although I assume Export is to get it into other formats in the first place.

That sounds like a very common error … moving a .scrivx Binder index file when you should be moving a .scriv project folder. Maybe you didn’t make that mistake, but a warning bell goes off when you say it that way.

How did the program get that pathname, then? “Manuscript” can be a folder inside a project, but c:\Documents is not a project, so … ??

You didn’t answer how you got the error, with Compile or File/Export, but now I suspect it’s the latter and you tried to export the Manuscript folder. If so, stop it. That won’t work.

I moved what I thought was the whole .scriv folder when it kept giving me that error where I couldn’t move/delete anything else in My Documents–I assume that’s what started the problem. Using ‘Compile’ works, I can make it into docx and other formats which is what I needed. Thank you.

I came here to find out why I was getting this error when importing. Your answer worked perfectly. Thank you!