Unknown icon

What does this icon mean and how can I make it go away?


In case I’m not attaching a picture or inserting it, it’s an open vertical file folder, with a smaller piece of paper inside. I don’t know what I did to create it, but it doesn’t match anything else I’ve got.


It means that the folder is itself a document containing text. Folders and documents in Scrivener are for the most part interchangeable, so both can have subdocuments and both can contain their own text. To view the folder’s text, select it in the binder and then deselect the orange-highlighted view mode button in the centre of the main toolbar (showing icons of a set of papers, a corkboard, and an outline). This will toggle off that group view and show instead the folder’s text in the editor.

Thanks. I didn’t really understand that, with the unselecting and whatnot. But you gave me a hint as to what needed to be done, I put it on the Corkboard, and then right clicked on the card and selected “Convert to File”. That worked.

My thanks also. I’m still new enough to Scrivener to be figuring out files, folders, and documents. I had created a few of these folders-that-are-also-documents, and couldn’t figure out how to access their text. Clicking and thus deselecting the view mode button did it. I forgot that that was possible.