Unlearn Spelling

I like to add names of characters and places to the dictionary as I write. However, when I change a name it would be very useful to remove that name from the spelling dictionary so I can see if I accidentally type the old one again.

Would it be possible to add an “unlearn” option on the spelling submenu of the context menu that pops up for a selected word that has been “learned”?

I’m still trying to get an answer from someone on this, too. I’ve asked all around, and while MAC allows this, it seems windows version doesn’t. can someone at Scrivener please address this issue? there has to be a way to get to the dictionary (I’ve done it with Firefox, can do it in Word, so should be able to locate that file in Scrivener). Anyone?

You can edit your personal word dictionary in the Tools/Options… menu, within the Corrections tab. Click the View Personal Word List button and you should be able to take it from there.

As for putting “Unlearn” in the contextual menu, I’m not sure how possible that is, I’m guess it isn’t since it isn’t there and it should have been easy to add it otherwise.

Learn / unlearn on Macs is an OS feature that works across apps, not a Scrivener feature (which I guess you already know). But presumably the missing unlearn in Windows is down to the limitations of the OS?


Briar Kit

Yeah, I meant that comment more specifically with Windows in mind, since the contextual menu controls were built to mirror the Mac layout, that’s where it would have made sense to put the command if they could. I’m not sure if Aspell (the engine used on Windows, there is no global spell check unfortunately) can do it, but if not, it’s something we know to do.