Unlimited backups

Subject says it all. I’m a pack rat, and in these days of terabyte hard drives for under £100 I see no reason to ever delete a backup, even if I create a couple a day over a period of a few months.

But the backup dialog gives me a pop-up for the number of backups to retain that maxes out at 25 backups.

Can you maybe add “never delete backups” to this list? (Or add a dialog to let the user input a number of backups to retain? So I can type in 9999 …)

Just deselect the “Only keep” button:

That should do what you want and never delete any backups.

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  • headdesk *

Sorry for wasting your time, folks.

Not at all, glad it helped. By the way, did you see my other message about the crashing issues you had?