Unmarking documents and word count in the negatives

[I sent an email to the Scrivener higher ups, but I got an email back saying it could take 2+ days for a response, so I thought I’d try here to see if I’d get anywhere.]

My Scrivener keeps marking every single document in my project as blank, even though when I go to said “blank” project, it is not blank. It is this way with every single one of my documents.

Additionally, when I try to use the word count, it won’t go higher than 6k and says I’m down anywhere from 14k - 100k. This is stressful, please help.
2019-01-11 (3).png

Which version of Scrivener are you using, 1.9.x or 3-beta?

That information might help, as would a more complete screenshot of your window, showing more than just a binder list.



Judging by the screenshot it’s 1.9 :slight_smile:

Hi everyone, friend of the OP here.

To clarify, the icon was showing blank even though the document itself still had content.This was messing with word count and also just stressful to look at, since at first glance the entire project looked like a bunch of empty documents.

We found another forum discussion with the same issue and were able to fix the issue! “Save and rebuild search indexes” function in the Tools menu fixed everything.

Posting this in case others have the same issue :slight_smile: