Unobtrusive footnotes

It’s an odd request, perhaps. I’m writing a novel with such unusual events in it that I’d like to include footnotes and/or links to websites so that interested readers could check on what surprises or intrigues them. If they’d like to pass on the footnotes in a first reading, it’d be nice if the footnotes were as unobtrusive as possible. On the other hand, it’d also be nice if they were functional, able to link to web pages easily. An example would be a non-fiction book by Taleeb Starkes, Black Lies Matter. It might be that I’d have to limit myself to e-books, but I’d like to hear about any and all options available.


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As for the substance of your question, a footnote marker is already pretty unobtrusive. If that’s not what you’re looking for, could you give us a little more detail, please?


Thanks for the speedy reply, Katherine. I’ll have to get my MS into Scrivener first (I just bought the software), then do a compile to PDF format to see what they actually look like. Then if I need to I can ask the question again.

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Perhaps the thing to point out here is that the way footnotes appear or are “marked” in the Editor in Scrivener is not representative of how they will appear in compiled out put. Whether you use in-line footnotes (my preferred) or inspector footnotes, when you compile they will appear as standard footnotes in your compiled output text.


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