Unreadable Scrivener Files


I’m having a problem with the files on my backup hard drive. I receive this error:

Location Access Error

Cannot access E:\ESCAPE TO PANAMA 6-15-13/escape for killer nashville 4-30-13.scriv/project.scrivx’

File is not writable. Acess is denied.
Auto-saves need write permission to your project.

Hoping someone can help me with this.

Many thanks,

It is usually worth doing a search of the forums to see if such has been dealt with previously.

In this case, a search on “location access error” turns up several threads, including this one, with a helpful response from one of the L&L folks.


And this one.



Hope that is of some assistance.

Possibilities include:

  • Are attempting to access something inside a zipped/compressed file, in which case are really accessing a temporary read only copy extracted from that file). Fix is to extract/unzip/decompress the whole thing.
  • Are attempting to access something whose rights have been changed to read only or that resides on read-only media or that you don’t have sufficient rights to. Fix would be to change or acquire rights.
  • Are attempting to access something residing on read-only media. Fix would be to copy it to someplace writeable.
  • Portion of the project is missing. Fix would be to locate the remainder of the project or another copy/backup of the project.

Post here again to let folks know how it goes and if more is needed. Any additional details as to what you find at the location you are trying to access and open from would be helpful.

Sorry, I was so agitated over the problem I didn’t think to do a search. Thank you for doing it for me. Next time better. Promise. :exclamation:


Well, this is truly embarrassing. I hadn’t downloaded my Microsoft updates in quite some time and, on the spur of the moment, I flipped the switch for them to download and also flipped another switch and scanned the external hard drive for bad sectors. Then I defragged. Those were quick and dirty things that I could do while staying on deadline.

Quickly checked to see if I could read my file and it opened! Tried some more and everything is okay. Sadly, I think this is a textbook example of check your system first, if that doesn’t work, read the old posts that pertain to your question, and only after that, post. Of course, I did it all backward. :blush:

Nevertheless, thanks again for the suggestions.