Unsort in Outliner Mode?

I love the new custom meta data… But if you sort on one of the columns in the Outliner, is it possible to get the order of the folders/files back into the same order they are in in the binder?
I want to use the Outliner to do some planning/organizing, but all my scenes/chapters are out of order in the outliner view now. D’oh.


Yes, just click twice more in the column header that the outliner is sorted by. The first click will invert the sort order, and the second click will return the outliner to natural order. So three clicks total will cycle through each possibility when starting with an unsorted column.

OH! Thank you!!! I knew there had to be a way. You saved my afternoon. :slight_smile:

Another thing you can do, if you have some complicated two- or three-stage sorts planned, or are planning to experiment by rearranging your scenes or chapters in other ways, is to create a custom meta-data column headed something like “Scene Number” and then number all your scenes consecutively. That way you can always sort on that column and return to your original order.