Unstyled Paste Default

How do I make unstyled paste default on ios?

Bumping this. Even telling me how to paste unstyled with bluetooth keyboard key combo would be nice.

Is it at all possible to do that on iOS devices?

Yes, Unstyled Paste is available on iOS Scrivener, but it’s in the second part of the black pop up edit menu. I agree it’s a pain to get to it, because I find it hard to tap that little continuation arrow that accesses the rest of the menu

I personally don’t know of any way to ”make it default” (which I assume means either swapping positions in the pop up with “paste”, or rebinding the cmd-v BT keyboard shortcut to do unstyled paste rather than regular paste. Or both. :smiley: )

I quickly checked the list of keyboard shortcuts in iOS Scrivener (which you can do yourself by holding down the cmd-key while you’re editing) and there’s nothing there about unstyled paste. I don’t know of any way in iOS Scrivener to rebind a keyboard shortcut. :frowning: Maybe someone else will have more positive news.

Yes, it is possible in the contextual menu, from where you would paste normally, but there is no way to make it a default.

All keyboard shortcuts are referenced here (unfortunately the cheat sheet feature in iOS is not comprehensive). The one you’re looking for is the same as on the Mac: ⇧⌥⌘V.

Thanks for linking to that shortcut list, Ioa. After working exclusively on my PC for a few months, I’m back to working on iOS Scriv on a daily basis, but I’d forgotten most of those!

Thank you, I was unaware of that shortcut and it saves me!