Unsupported documents & file names

I’ve got a Apple Numbers spreadsheet in one of my projects which I use to track my writing progress over time. Since it’s not a supported document type in Scrivener, opening it means that Scrivener passes it’s internal filename & path to Mac os X, which hands it off to Numbers.

It opens fine, and when I save it, it updates the file in my project as expected. However, the name of the original file, while present in the Research section of the binder, is absent in the window header in Numbers. Instead, it’s titled “237”, which is the name Scrivener gave it when it was imported.

My request is that Scrivener preserve as much of the original file name as possible when importing documents that it doesn’t support internally. I have no problem with my document being named “237-Zombie Novel word count tracker” so that it’s easy for scrivener to locate it internally, even though I didn’t originally have a number in it’s name.



I’m afraid that I don’t think this is really possible because of the way Scrivener deals with files internally - Scrivener relies on internal files just being given numbers. Opening files in external applications is the only area where this comes up, although I can understand why having the file name as a number might be a little disconcerting.

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