Unusual Runtime terminator?

Hi, I just closed Scrievener for some reason, with the good old X button.

However, when I clicked to reopen it, the legit shortcut, as usual, I got a error message that says:

So, like I need to write again today, I think I’m going to reinstall it, or maybe tonight if I can delay, in case you have some questions for me. I could not say what I did different, maybe it’s related to my desire to change the default font from Courrier to Times new in the option parameters. I can’t think anything else I could have done that I didn’t do all other times.

Anyway, thank you for reading my poor english!

Is your version of Windows up to date with any service packs and Microsoft updates? Sometimes making sure you’ve got the latest patches from them can fix this. I’ll also make sure to let Lee know–I’ve seen this previously when there was a crash, usually involving a download, and so Scrivener probably left a process running, causing the error; Lee’s been going through all that code and has made a lot of improvements, but it sounds like this time you didn’t get any unusual behavior on close? If you could let me know what version of Windows you’re running and whether you’ve installed Scrivener as a standard or admin user, that’d be great. Meanwhile, uninstalling and reinstalling will probably fix this and will be the fastest solution.

I’m on windows 7 [pretty sure], and I only have 1 main account on this computer, so I’d say admin user if that’s your question.

For the updates, I think I have them, is there a place where I can check?

uninstalled, reinstalled: same error. I’ll try another time later, shutting down the whole computer, trying again after that. I’ll come back with the news.

You can check the MS updates page (using Internet Explorer) at windowsupdate.microsoft.com.

Bother about the reinstall. Try deleting the Scrivener directory from Program Files (x86) if it didn’t remove itself and rebooting the computer. Note that if you’ve downloaded any dictionaries, you might want to copy it out from the Aspell directory in that folder, as otherwise it will be deleted when you trash the folder (though you can of course download it again).

Windows updates: complete
Uninstall Scrievener: done
Reinstall Scrievener: done
Same error message :frowning:

Another uninstall, this time deleted the whole folder like you said, and it finally worked.
I won’t close it until sept. 30 cause I got only 1 day left on the trial, but it seems to work however.


Just use the reset button to reset trial. Trial feature will not be enabled properly until Scrivener is officially released.

Glad you’ve got it going again! As Stacey said, just use the “Reset” button to bring it back to 30 days; you’ll be good until the end of the month, at which point Lee will release a new beta.

Haha, simple answer this time! Thanks a lot.

And just like that, do you have an idea when a first official version could come out? This year? First/second half of 2012? After 12 december 2012 isn’t a allowed anser, since it the end of the world by the way :stuck_out_tongue:

Just in time for Nanowrimo this year. :slight_smile:

12 december 2012 isn’t a allowed anser, since it the end of the world

Thanks for the tip…