Unwanted different language formats in the same Project

Hi there,
A minor bug that annoys for a while now :
I write in French and my Preferences are in French. So times, for no obvious reason (for example when I am in split editor pane), the right editor (say Text 1) has it’s language formatting in French (as I want it to be) and the left one (say Text 2) has its formatting in English (which I don’t want). If I close the pane editor of Text 1 and want to go on writing Text 2, it still has it’s (unwanted) English formatting. Sometimes the text formatting will get back to it’s normal language state (French) after closing and re-opening the project.

As you may know, the French and the English apostrophes and quotation marks are not the same – among other differences.

Okay, it’s not a BIG bug, but it’s a very irritating one, as I have to chase English formating mistakes in my word processor afterwards and always miss some of them.

Sorry, I can’t give you the steps to reproduce this bug, as it’s seems not to happen to new projects, but only to old projects written in the old Scrivener format and then opened in the new Scrivener format (not sure of that, but I couldn’t reproduce it with a new project whereas I could easily reproduce it with an old project). Maybe that’s a clue… ?

You’ll see what I mean in the attached jpg. No copy and paste, I just wrote twice the same text in the two documents.

Using : MacBookPro / OS 10.11.3 / Scrivener 2.7

Thanks for your help !


PS : Couldn’t write today. Could only do some bug hunts and other computer staffs like that between two looks at the News. Forgot to mention that I live in Brussels.

Firstly, I noticed in your screenshot that the left-hand pane is not actually what we would call correct English punctuation either, it is using straight “quotes” instead of “typographic” quotes as you can see here in those two examples, where the second pair slants inward toward the quotes text. This probably means you’re looking at an old Mac OS X bug (it’s been around since around 10.8.4 if I recall correctly) whereby both live spell checking (with red underlines) and auto-corrections such as punctuation, fail to work properly after a bit of use. As you note, reproduction is not easy to pin down—otherwise we’d probably have the issue patched by now. I’ve never managed to see it happen at all myself, most don’t, it’s a bit rare to see it, but if you do it happens often.

The best advice I can give is to avoid Page View mode when possible, which we’ve found greatly increases the odds of triggering the bug. It won’t guarantee you never see it, but like I say it should reduce the odds. That may also be why you don’t see it in new projects as the default is to start in regular wrap to window mode instead of page wrap.

Best wishes to you and the rest of Brussels. I hope the city can heal quickly from this tragedy.

OK, I didn’t know this Mac OS X bug.
I will uncheck Page View mode as the default mode. Thanks for the advice and the warm words !