Unwanted folder titles showing in 'Marked 2' preview of 'Scrivener 2' document

I use Scrivener 2 and Marked 2 on two macs, synced by Dropbox.
I’m writing in Markdown and using Marked 2 to preview the formatted document. I use folder titles to keep the structure of the document but do not want the folder titles to show in the preview (as you can see happening in the screenshot).

The titles only appear on one of my machines.

As far as I can see both Marked 2 and Scrivener 2 have exactly the same settings across the two macs & I cannot work out how to get rid of the unwanted titles on the one mac.

The operating systems are the same on the two machines and the Scrivener files are the same.

Any ideas about this please?

Here’s a screenshot of my symptoms…

I’m only aware of the one option in Marked for this, which selects between showing titles for sections or not at all. There isn’t an in-between setting that only shows titles for some types of things, so I don’t know how you’re getting that result on one of the machines.

Whatever the case, that isn’t something Scrivener has any control over. Marked is reading the Scrivener format and choosing how to present the information it finds there.

I suppose if one had a fairly predictable structure they could create a Marked stylesheet that hides h1 headings, for example. That wouldn’t distinguish between icon type in Scrivener, of course.

Oh another approach would be to mark your structural folders as excluded from compile—which may something you want to do anyway if the only reason for their existence is to hold non-printing structure for your own benefit. Marked will skip over such sections entirely, and thus exclude the title as well.

Thanks AmberV,

Problem ‘solved’, but not understood.

  1. The annoying folder titles appeared in Marked 2
  2. In Scrivener 2 > Compile > Compilation Options > Formatting > Level 1+ (which has a folder icon).
    then untick the Level1+ row with a folder.
  3. Tap Compile (which created a .docx file, but so what)
  4. Back in Marked 2, the annoying folder titles have gone :smiley:

I reversed the process as a sanity check but I can’t now get the folder titles back. Hey ho!

You mention features in Marked 2. Did you mean: Apps > Scrivener > ‘Include documents titles as Markdown headers’? I’d tried toggling that on/off before today and that had not affected the presence/absence of the folder titles - they just stayed there.

Ah! It looks like it was doing some parsing of the compile settings in Scrivener 2, checking to see if item and an item would have compiled with a heading and if not, excluding it from the preview. I think I might have known that at one point and forgot it. :slight_smile: It’s been years since I’ve regularly used Scrivener 2 at this point!

P.S. If you want to modify compile settings without actually compiling, hold down the Option key to convert the Compile button to Save.