Unwanted font change

Could you please explane why the font suddenly changes when I use bullets? I don’t understand it. Can someone please help?


Annoying, isn’t it? This is a bug in the Apple text system and there is nothing I can do about it, I’m afraid - it’s something that Apple have to fix.

Thanks for your fast answer Keith. I’ll guess we’ll have to wait for Leopard to have it fixed. Hopefully that won’t take too long anymore :slight_smile:

Oh! I despise that. I think it might have to do with some of their bullet styles. Some fonts do not have those bullet characters, and the text engine will automatically drop you to something that does (usually Lucida Grande, it seems).

The text system has a nasty habit of dropping you back to Helvetica, which is the text system’s default font. The same happens when you create a table - no matter what font you were using, the table will suddenly be in Helvetica. It is really annoying. It’s a difficult one to grab. There are some methods for checking typing attributes, and I am wondering if I could fix it up that way, but I’ll see what Leopard brings first…

Right, that’s exactly what happens! Lucida Grande. Would there be fonts that are not affected by this and don’t change?

Waiting for Leopard is probably a good idea. This particular one is so widespread and annoying, I’m sure they have bug reports to the gills on it.

Funny, I’m encountering the same defaulting-to-Lucida-Grande in Leopard. Not using bullets, but it might be related to pressing ctrl-return when I want to start a newline without the double space.

It is reproducible, though I assume this is an Apple bug.

  1. Type some text
  2. Ctrl-return a couple times
  3. Type some text, press return again, type more text
  4. Use mouse to click back to a line where you pressed ctrl-return
  5. Say hello to lucida grade 13pt.

Do you mean Helvetica 12 point? I can reproduce this in TextEdit, so it’s definitely an Apple but. It seems that the typing attributes get reset in this case to the default font for some reason.
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Interesting, in Scrivener it is going to Lucida 13, in Textedit to Helvetica 12.

What an annoying bug! :slight_smile: