unwanted full screen toggle between apps in Lion os X

Hi, whenever I work in Scrivener full screen mode, every few minutes the Scrivener screen toggles to another app or the desktop. Obviously this is a huge annoyance when trying to concentrate on my writing, and it happens whether I touch the keyboard or not. I can’t figure out what triggers it. Yes, I am familiar with the four-finger swipe method to switch between screens, and I’m not doing that either. Does anyone know how to solve this?

Scrivener has nothing to do with switching your desktops, that is an OS level function. You probably have the option in System Preferences for Mission Control which forces the active space to fly around depending on which application is “active”. Sounds like some program is demanding itself to be active periodically and triggering this feature. I’d try turning that off and see if the problem goes away.

Is it possible your tapping CMD-Tab? If you do it quickly enough, you won’t see the series of application icons pop over your screen, but you’ll still change focus to the previously active app.