Unwanted indent in document notes

I am brand new to the software, I have gone through the tutorial and am very excited to get started with my first project.

Somehow I seem to have a paragraph indent effective in my document notes, that I don’t want. I did set a paragraph indent in the document editor, but I don’t know if that is how this happened. Changing the indent now in the document editor does not change this indent in my document notes. I have tried deleting before the first of the paragraphs in the notes, hoping it was just a stray tab character or something, but apparently not. I looked through the user manual and didn’t find this particular issue.

… Now, thinking about it, I do think I started with a copy / paste of some text from the document window to the document notes, and the indent showed up then. In other documents, if I just start typing document notes, no indent.

Anyway, for my learning curve, does someone have a suggestion for how to get rid of this indent in the notes?

Thanks so much.

Hi, and welcome! The editor indent settings don’t affect the document notes, but you could easily get the indent via a copy and paste, since that retains formatting, and following paragraphs would then use the formatting of the preceding line. In future you may want to try using Edit > Paste and Match Style (Ctrl+Shift+V) to paste into the notes as plain-text, stripping the indentation and other formatting.

You can decrease the first-line indent of selected paragraphs using the shortcut Ctrl+Shift+T. Without the Shift, the shortcut will increase the first-line indent. You can increase or decrease the left indent using Ctrl+(Shift)+Q.

Oh my goodness, thanks! Those suggestions work great. Thanks for the fast reply!