unwanted numbers and headers when compiling

I don’t understand this and asked an expert who said they have never seen this in scrivener before. After compiling text files into a kindle ebook .mobi file I tested in kindle preview a few times and had the following problems.

Attachment 1

On the first page you see above words Family is a little grey ‘What we Forgive’. This is not in the text file before compilation process. It was added by scrivener. On the second page there is a grey 24 above Historical injustice. These numbers are added throughout book.

On second attachment

Under navigation in kindle previewer that the the 70 or so pages count in huge chunks up to 1059 in spite of there being only about 70 pages.

Example Scriviner.jpg

I just wondered how long on average it takes to receive a support answer for such a bug as this? No pressure, just wondered after a few days of no answer. I know that there are many others needing help so I am patient, but it helps planning as we cant get our books out on market due to this bug. Much appreciation for any help ! :slight_smile:

Mostly, this is a user community, though developers and employees frequent them too. From the view of your ebook, I can’t figure out where all this stuff comes from myself, but if numbers are just appearing, and they increment every time (24, then 25, etc…), then look for <$n> or similar either in your text, or somewhere in your compile format. Maybe in “separators”.

If it’s inserting the title of your project above section headers, then likely there’s a <$projecttitle> placeholder somewhere in your text, in a folder’s text, or in your compile settings somewhere. Neither the 24 number nor the title being added above section headers is in any standard compile setting that I’m aware of, so I’m assuming you customized the compile setup somewhat?

Finally, the ebook “locations” are not supported by Scrivener. The ability to set locations/pages in an ebook so that they sync up with the pages in a full-sized paper book (hardcover or trade paperback, I assume) is not built into Scrivener, and usually isn’t a tool available to self-publishers. I assume the kindle is counting something other than pages (since ebooks really don’t have “pages” either)… maybe paragraphs?

Is this issue visible in any other e-readers? When compiling to PDF? And in Scrivener, can you find anything that looks odd where the 24 is appearing, or in the text before the section titled “Family”?

For direct help from Lit & Lat, contact their support email address. They may need to take a look at a copy of your project directly to figure it out.

Thank you for answer

Do you possibly know What is the direct support email address of literature and latte?

Via the “Learn & Support” link at the top of the page, if you scroll down from the linked to page, there’s a contact us link: literatureandlatte.com/contact-us

Or you can send an email directly to them (listed at the bottom of the “contact us” page): windows.support@literatureandlatte.com

In my opinion, sending an email directly through your email service provider is better; the provider typically adds that address to their white-list, so you are less likely to have the response get sent to your spam folder.

Be sure to list your OS and OS version, and Scrivener version number (see Help->About). Other info that might be helpful:

  • A link to a copy of your project so they can get started trouble-shooting as soon as possible.
  • A short summary of the issue.
  • A link to this post, so they can review extra details and your screenshots.

Good luck!

Thank you I will do that :slight_smile: