Unwanted page breaks when printing scrivenings

I typically work with multiple short scenes that comprise chapters in a scrivening session. However, just lately, when I print the session, page breaks are inserted after each scene. That used to not happen – I’d just get an extra blank line or so.

I don’t remember changing this preference anywhere, though. Can someone help me save paper? Thanks,

Hi Christine,

Are you using File>Print Current Document or going through the compile dialogue to print your sessions? If it’s the former, I’d check in your documents themselves, in the editor, for a page break character–try turning on Format>Options>Show Invisibles and looking for a thin blue line across the page. You might’ve inadvertently added one or copied one in if you imported text from another program. If you’re using compile, that still might be the case, but more likely then is that you’ve switched the text separators from a blank line to a page break. Open Compile and click on “All Options” and check what you’ve got listed in the “Separators” pane to see if you need to switch any.

Thank you so much for your reply! I was trying to print a scrivenings session of 4 scenes (all individual documents). I checked the “Show Invisibles” and found only four paragraph symbols between documents, not a blue line. There was, however, the greyed out line that scrivener uses to denote a new document. I couldn’t seem to delete that, though.

When I try to print I’m still getting each new document on a separate page. In almost all cases, the scrivenings session shows only 2-4 paragraph marks between each document, nothing that would account for a mostly blank page.

I’d be interested in anyone else who has had this problem recently. Anyone else found something that worked?

Thanks again for giving me something to look into. If I hadn’t been able to print them all running together previously, I would have just assumed Scrivener automatically started new documents on a new page. I’m still hoping to figure this out…

Christine :confused:

MM: You have so saved my life :slight_smile: I had never had this problem before in the beta version. I tried and tried the compiler settings, changing folders to files and back again, cutting and pasting into one long text file etc. . Finally, I found your advice and there they were - lots of blue lines. I have no idea where they came from but now I know I will keep an eye out in future. Many, many thanks.