Unwanted page breaks within sentences

Hello everyone
I am quite new with Scrivener so I hope this is the right place to ask my question. I tried to see if the question has already been asked but i came up with nothing (sorry if i missed it, i’m French so i might have searched it with the wrong terms)

I have a small issue with scrivener and i don’t know how to fix it. When i compile it as an epub; i get page breaks at the weirdest places; within the same single scene document, sometimes even in the middle of a sentence. I tried looking at Options – show invisibles to see if there was any typesetting i was missing but no. There is no difference at all with all the text around it. And it happens quite a lot :frowning:

I usually have page breaks between folders, and between file document and folder. To see if the mistake was coming from there, i removed all the page breaks in the settings. I ended up with all my chapters one after the other. But the weird page breaks in the middle of the sentences didn’t go away…

Any idea on what to do now ?

Oh and there is a small translation typo in Chapter eight that says Chapitre Jiot instead of Chapitre huit but i’m guessing this might not be the place for that comment :slight_smile:

Since you mention this being a problem with ePub, have you tried either of these tests yet?

  • Do you get the page breaks with RTF or PDF output?
  • If it is just ePub, have you tried viewing the ePub with something else? Sigil is a good tool for getting a look at what is really going on, as its display is very simple and literal, and you can switch to code view to examine the underlying HTML.

Hmm, another thing I would try is typing in again the two characters surrounding the rogue page break. Say for example if this sentence had the problem between the words “characters” and “surrounding”, then I would select “s s” from between them and retype them, deleting any existing text that might be invisible even to show invisibles. I’m thinking here of strange Unicode characters that might be disrupting your e-reader.

(Regarding the typo, we’ve fixed that for the next release. :wink: )