Unwanted separators in the pdf output

I have returned to using Scrivener after a long absence and I encountered a problem I never met before : in the pdf output of my work, whenever there is a new paragraph opening a page, the first line is . It does not happen in the .docx output.
So I found a way around : to export as a pdf the Word document, but it is not satisfactory. I wondered what I am doing wrong since in my previous works, it never happened.
Of course, I have checked every single line of the separators section in the compile settings for my format and nowhere is there anything remotely looking like a "

There’s an option in the compile format designer to use a visible separator, by default * * *, when a blank-line separator falls at the top or bottom of the page; probably this is what you’re seeing. When you have your compile settings to output to PDF, double-click the compile format to open it in the compile format designer and go to the Text Layout pane, then take a look at the Empty Lines Across Page Breaks setting and deselect it if it’s enabled.

Thanks for the tip.
I’ll try it.

Thanks again, that’s it. For some odd reason, it never happened in the past but thanks to you, I have now solved this irritant.