Up-Down Arrow Navigation in Binder Causes Crash[BUG LOGGED]

I get the MS Send Error Report dialogue popup when using up-down arrow navigation through the binder. It happens when I land on the Research icon, while going up. My scrivener files are on a second HD but on the same machine so it should be a lag issue.

When I click Debug or Don’t Send button on the MS problem dialogue, everything disappears. When I restart Scrivener everything is back to normal. The arrow problem will crash Scrivener every time.

Does it always do it right when you hit the Research folder? Did you add any new files to this folder recently?

Yes, that appears to be the culprit. I doesn’t happen if I start using the up-down arrow from an icon either side of the Research folder, going back and forth, but if I start two or three icons down, then go up rapidly, it’ll crash. Once or twice it happened going down. However, it will happen without fail going upwards.

I’ve added text files to the Research folder and 1 image file. The Research folder also has the default PDF called Short Story MS Format. If I line up the text files, 4 in a row, under the Research folder and arrow through them rapidly, it’ll crash at the Research folder. If I go slowly it will be OK.

It’s not a huge issue, I guess, compared to the loss of apostrophes when importing or pasting!

Okay, I just made it crash, too. I opened the tutorial, clicked on the research tab, used the down arrow, then tried to switch to another document. The first one (a pdf) loaded, but the second (a picture) didn’t. I can click on any of them just fine. I can also navigate my draft folder with the arrow keys without crashing.

Confirmed as well. If you select the “Buzz Aldrin” under the Research folder, then using the arrow keys, press up, the program will crash on the “Research”.

Tried it again and somehow it didn’t break. Queer.

I can’t duplicate this myself, but there’s enough people who’ve seen it to get it on the list to be investigated. Thanks guys.

Okay, you’ve broken my favorite Scrivener toy :frowning:

I can’t reproduce this myself currently, but I will add it to the bug fix list and take a look at it.

Thank you.


This just happened to me as well. I accidentally selected something on the Research folder, so when I pressed the up arrow to go back up, the moment the selection went from Research to the level right above, Scrivener crashed.

ETA: Windows 7