Update - Windows 10 visual problems

WINDOWS 10 Pro 64 Bit

Just today I updated to from The program now opens with very blurry typeset and user interface distortion. Now, before using Scrivener, I have to right click on my start bar icon and set the compatibility to fix the display of the entire program so it visually appears better on screen.

Never happened before this update and while using Windows 10. This is very time consuming and distracting to creativity. What could it be that has went wrong?



For curiosity sake I just went back to v1.9.0.0 and everything is back to normal. Also had no problem opening the file in the older version after it had been saved in v1.9.5.0.

So, evidently the problem lies in v1.9.5.0. I always like to keep my software as current as possible. But, may have to discard that practice with Scrivener.

Anyone have a solution concerning this threads’ stated visual and user interface v1.9.5.0 degradation issue?

You might try gardnerm’s “The SIMPLE Fix” discussed in this thread

If you have an ultra high resolution (high DPI (dots per inch)) display, the following might also be relevant.

At least yours opens. I upgraded, am unable to open the program, though I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled, rebooted, etc.
I thought the situation was at its worst with the ultra-small icons but it appears that I was wrong.

Hmm, re download the file from the site, run the install file as an admin, let it install, then try to open scrivener 1.9.5-- create a new random throwaway project. Once that is open,if it opens, go to options and change the startup to Scrivener’s Project create page, not from last opened, then go to File, then choose Close All Projects.

And try to open again…

Just tips to try…

Thank you for the assistance. I will try the simple fix after I wait and see if there is more discussion, in any manner of speaking, in the forum concerning the release. For now I can write and do everything just fine in Evidently really gains me nothing at this point. Just need to keep writing for now. Not really excited about any new features even if they do exist in

Hi L&L - do you have any plans to fix this? I too have Windows 10 and the new update left me with a blurry situation. Would love to hear if you have a fix coming quickly before I roll back…

Thank you for this fix. I was worried as I thought at first my eyes needed testing.

Gardnerm’s simple fix on another page worked for me:

Just upgraded to 1.9.6 on Windows 10 and had the exact same issue - glad to see this fix exists (it worked for me) as the program was totally unusable with all the blurs, it actually hurt to try to read for more than a few minutes at a time!

Anyway +1 for fixing this in the next version as I imagine not everybody affected will think to find workarounds in the forum.

Thanks for sharing the fix, guys.

What you experience is a HighDPI scaling for HighDPI monitors. There are several threads within this forum explaining the problem and the solutions. In Scrivener 1.X due to underlying libraries scaling is the only option that works without major changes. In the next major version of Scrivener this problem is fixed.