Update 3.01 crashes during Install Wizard

I have automatic updates set up and the latest 3.01 is downloading and then upon install, the installation file crashes.

The installation Wizard starts up, I get to accepting the agreement, click next, it then says “Setup is now ready to begin installing Scrivener on your computer”. I click next and then it crashes, with the error info that “${installdir} resolved to an empty value”.

At no point did it actually ask what directory it was going to install into.

Should I just download via the website and uninstall and reinstall?

And turn off your antivirus while you do so and then whitelist Scrivener in it. See the many, many other threads on this.


Thanks for the comment. I’ve never had an issue updating from inside the package before, during the beta or on my earlier version of Scrivener 1.

I used the download link in my recent re-registering of Scrivener 3 and that downloaded the latest version. It wasn’t necessary to disable anti-virus.

I searched the forum for problems updating to 3.01 and didn’t see any posts or any search results. I did see another person posted a similar question after me.

So, I was surprised by your ‘many, many threads’ comment. Either search is naff or they haven’t been mentioning the specific install I had a problem with, the first time I’ve had such a problem, so I assumed it was a problem with this version.

And I’m still curious about the technical reason for the ‘installdir’ empty value problem and what has caused it. If anyone has any deeper insight into that, I’d appreciate being educated.

Something was broken in the installer that first got distributed so that it wasn’t parsing its control files correctly. They fixed it and updated the installer download source with the corrected version.

That’s likely to be as much technical detail as we will get, to be honest.