Update blocked by antivirus

Opening Scrivener today, I had an update prompt, so I clicked it, then it crashed. The “S” shortcut icon on the Desktop became invalid. “Scrivener.exe” disappeared from the software directory. It’s not in the Recycle Bin either. Apparently my antivirus (Avast) did something at the moment of updating Scrivener, as it says:

When I try to “Restore it and add exception” out of the vault, it says “QtWebEngineProcess.exe already exists”, prompting me to either “overwrite” or “cancel”. Clicking on “overwrite” returns an error message saying “This file can’t be restored.”

My copy of Scrivener 3 has been what I downloaded from the official website, and I have a legitimate license I purchased this month. I had another problem with the antivirus interfering with Scrivener 3 trying to open and convert a project created in version 1.9 (all the RTF text files became empty/offline, leaving me with just the folder structure).

Should I uninstall and reinstall the software, and turn off the antivirus when updating in the future?

You can set the Scrivener folder as an exception in your Antivirus, usually.

The false positives are common in AI driven AV programs. They look for things that can occur in other applications, but are also found in a section of virus code.