Update broke Scrivener!

After updating to the new version that fixes the compile bug, I can no longer open Scrivener. I get the following error:

Very frustrating. I just bought this a few months ago, and have put writing into several novels I don’t have a current backup of. If there’s a fix, I would be most grateful. If someone can tell me where the side-by-side configuration file is, I can attempt to fix it myself.

Thanks for any help!

I’m running Windows Vista on a 32 bit processor, by the way. The update was dated June 21st, 2012.

I was looking for the referenced application event log, but going to C:\Program Files\Scrivener\log gives me an empty directory. Anybody know where this log file is?

Ah, nevermind - the Windows event logs. Here’s what I have:

Note sure if the token is something I should share, so I Xed it out, but can provide it if needed.

And FYI, the FAQ link in the locked forum thread is no longer functional. I get a 404 on the doku.php request.

ARGH! Sorry, missed the earlier thread in which this was answered: https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/problem-with-new-install-of-scrivener/18727/1

I’ll try this and write back :slight_smile:

This worked, though I have to comment on the original thread - the other person said they thought it was because they’ve run many updates; I have only had this one, so I don’t think that’s the case. You should consider bundling this with the update install, knowing this is an issue.

On a less serious note… happy dance I’ll be off now… have some writing to do :mrgreen:

Oh, and other than this anomaly, I’m loving Scrivener. It’s really helped me organize several novels I’m working on, and I can jump between them without as much of the prerequisite reintroduction time or sifting through notes, profiles, etc. It has helped me keep on a better writing schedule, as well. Thanks :slight_smile:

Whew, glad you got that all sorted! The configuration problem isn’t about how many updates you’ve run but rather about whether certain Microsoft packages are installed, which is why this used to be a problem for some users on older XP systems that didn’t have the necessary libraries. Recently however a Microsoft update to Visual Studio wreaked havoc with the configuration files, so this problem is cropping up all over the place for developers who use VS to compile and became an issue with the most recent update. In any event, Lee has devoted a great deal of energy (and probably a few choice words :wink:) to resolving this issue, so with the next release of Scrivener we will hopefully see this disappear back into obscurity.