Update Demanding Money - almost like ransomware

I recently accepted an update to Version 9.1.12 on my laptop.

The second time I tried to use it, having a quiet hour or two on night shift, it demanded money or a license key, claiming that the TRIAL PERIOD WAS OVER.

It wasn’t a trial version. It was already paid for. I spent an hour finding the license key, making numerous attempts to unlock the program even JUST SO I COULD RETRIEVE THE PRODUCT OF HUNDREDS OF HOURS OF LABOUR.

The license key was rejected. Searching through old emails back when I first bought Scrivener, I found the original license key which it rejected numerous times.

Finally, I did a system restore on my laptop which wiped out the update but by then, the quiet part of the shift had ended.

I’ve lodged a query to Support about this but haven’t heard anything from them quite a few days later.

Does anyone know how I can turn off the Update Pestering Facility?

Seeing as Version 9.1.12 behaved almost like ransomware on my laptop, what reason is there to trust it on my main computer? I don’t want it.

I want NOTHING TO DO IT and in particular, I don’t want to suffer continual notifications about it every time I turn on my computer and start up Scrivener.

So…is there a way to turn off the update notification thing?

You mean version 1.9.12? They had to hastily change the license verifier code, as the old company that handled that for them shuttered their site recently. I suggest you contact support asap.

Background: literatureandlatte.com/blog … ith-paddle
Help page (including links for retrieving your license codes): scrivener.tenderapp.com/help/kb … -it-back-2

FYI, your experience with this is atypical. I’ve only seen a handful of people here on the forums asking for help with their already-licensed Scrivener/Scapple not continuing to work. Which is to say it’s not intentional, though it is unfortunate for you in this moment. But they’ll take care of you as soon as they can, I’m sure.

You can disable update notifications, or change their interval, in Tools ▸ Options…, under General.

Feel free to use the previous version, but do be aware that it may stop working at some point since it uses a system that will soon no longer be available over the ’net. You’ll probably need to get the underlying problem resolved (or a fix we put out fixes it), when tech support gets back with you.

I don’t blame you. I would have the same reaction. I don’t like to do business with unethical people. However, in this case it is not really them and a problem somewhat out of their control. Their licensing / payment vendor they’d used for years closed and they are having some glitches switching to a new vendor. From what I’ve been able to determine in about 2 years using Scrivener and Scrapple, these people are fine ethical people and will make it right.