Update dialog may be hidden from view

I just fired up a Scrivener document, and just had a brief flash of the update window announcing the 3.0.1 to 3.0.2 update, which was then overlayed with my Scrivener project window. I closed the project window, but the update dialog was then gone - After a short search, it turns out the template chooser window that is presented when no Scrivener projects are open, was opened above the update dialog, hiding the latter from view.

Not a big issue at all, but for people who are not computer savy, I suggest two things to make sure that the dialog will not be hidden behind other windows forever, as it would have been if I had not briefly noticed its presence:
• The update dialog should be listed at the bottom of the list in the Window menu. I believe this to be normal HIG behavior for these kind of window types anyway?
• The “Check for updates…” menu option in the Scrivener menu should put focus on the update dialog, and not be greyed out when the update dialog is open. This would also ensure to remove any confusion if people don’t understand why they can’t update, when there’s actually an update ready.

I’m not sure if we have that level of control over the window or the menu command, as most if not all of that is generated by the Sparkle update library. I’ll check and see if we can make it the same kind of window that Quick Reference panels are, when floating. That way it will stick in your face no matter what while in Scrivener, but vanish if you switch to another program.

No, we don’t have any control over how that window works - it’s provided by the Sparkle frameworks.

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