Update disassociated files

Last week I installed the current version of Scrivener for Windows (V

I had made some shortcuts on my desktop to specific projects I use alot. Those shortcuts no longer worked after the update (that wasn’t unexpected, I’ve had to recreate shortcuts before). What really surprised me was that when I went to the actual file location and tried to open the file, I would not. I click on the file and I get an error that says, “The file is no a Scrivenger project file. Please, select a valid Scrivener project file.”

Then a dialogue box pops up and I can choose to create a new project or open recent. If I open a recent project (for example, the one I wanted to open in the first place) it opens, proving in fact that it IS a valid project file.

I’m not quite sure what happened with the file associations but I can’t seem to get it straightened out. If anyone has any idea’s what’s going on, I’d appreciate hearing them.

Thank you.

EDIT: After posting this I saw another post on the forum with the same problem. I tried the trick of leaving the “New Project” pane open and that does allow me to open things as normal. I would still like to know what’s actually wrong though.

The problem isn’t the file association. You’ll note the project does indeed get sent to Scrivener properly—the problem is what happens after that point. I’m not sure what the status is on this bug fix. I just sent an e-mail requesting further information. I apologise in the meantime for the frustration and inconvenience. As you note, the work-around is to just leave your “New Project” window open at all times and then it won’t bother you.