Update doesn't work

This is my first post here. Never needed any support before, so I didn’t even know this forum excisted.
My trouble is that the update doesn’t work.

  1. I get prompted to update from 1.5.4 to 2.0
  2. I click the “Install Update”-button
  3. The downloading of the update starts
  4. When ready I get presented to a “Install and relaunch”-button, which I click
  5. Scrivener just quits
  6. I restart and realise nothing has happened, still at 1.5.4 and I get prompted to update…

I looked around to see if there where anyone else with my problem. Nothing. Anyone in here got an idea to what can be my trouble?

You need to download version 2 from the website. Since it’s a paid upgrade, this ended up being the best way to keep users happy–it avoided anyone clicking “update” without reading the notice and then getting suddenly kicked into trial mode. Just go to the main page and click the Download Scrivener link at the top. Once it’s downloaded, mount the .dmg file and install the new Scrivener to your Applications folder.

You can have both 2.0 and 1.54 installed simultaneously if you want, although it may conflict a little with the clipping services if you use those. Just create a folder like “Older Scrivener” and move the 1.54 application there before installing the new one and you’ll be fine. You can also always download 1.54 again from the website if you need it, but once you see how amazing 2.0 is you won’t want to go back. :wink:

Thx M2,
That explains it all. Will do.