Update Error! installing 1.5

After download and as installation is starting up, the process grinds to a halt with a “Update Error!” message, with the following text: “Scrivener does not have permission to write to the application’s directory! Are you running off a disk image? If not, ask your system administrator for help.”

Since I’m the System Administrator, I guess I’m in big trouble! Haven’t a clue what’s happening … anyone else seen this and solved it??

Hi! I haven’t solved the problem (my computer abilities are laughable when it comes to tech stuff…) but I’ve had the same error. Heard from anyone else about it?

Hi Dawn,

You must be running OS 10.5 Leopard. This is quite common in my experience. I’m not that geeky, but can only think that as you try to update an application, it asks tells you you need to enter the administrator name and password, you click OK, and it then says “Do you want to replace and older version …?” so you click yes … and my non-geek explanation is that often that part is quicker than the operating system going through the routine to call up the dialog for entering the name and password. So, because it hasn’t yet got round to enabling you to enter those details, it tells you you don’t have the permissions — I think it’s trying to delete the original version before you have proved you have the right to do so!

It’s an OS 10.5 problem, but not one to be frightened of … simply immediately repeat the process: drag the Scrivener icon to the Applications folder; say yes to entering the admin details; say replace the old one; this time the necessary dialog will come up.

If it’s really being recalcitrant, trash the old version of the application — you’ll need to enter the admin details to do that but I’ve never had a problem with that one — then drag the new version into the applications folder — you’ll need to enter the admin details again, but once more, I’ve never had a problem with that. Oh, if you choose this route, remember to empty your trash before you try to run the new version … important!

Which apps produce this seems random — I had it with Scrivener 1.5 myself just now — but I’m always expecting it with an OmniGroup application if I haven’t just updated something else using the same procedure.



Thanks for the help! After deleting older version, new one installed nicely, without problem. Cheers!!

With a couple of users who have had this problem, it has transpired that they never installed Scrivener properly in the first place and have always been running it from the disk image. If when you launch Scrivener you get the three icons on the corkboard window and then have to launch Scrivener from that window, then you will get this problem because Scrivener was never installed properly. If this could be the problem for either of you, then be sure to drag the Scrivener icon out of that corkboard window (which is just a Finder window, showing the contents of the Scrivener installation disk image, or virtual disk) and into your Applications directory in the Finder. Then launch Scrivener from your Applications directory (the rectangular icon, not the drive image, which can be trashed) and run the update from there.

All the best,

No running from disk image problem here, Keith, but that “having to drag twice” I have had ever since upgrading to Leopard. I wonder if it’s specific to those of us who have separate user and admin accounts.

The last upgrade I did – not of Scrivener – I thought I’d be a bit slower in clicking the “Replace” button to give the processor time to fetch the code for opening the dialog for entering the admin name and it came up first time. I don’t always have the problem, though it’s much more common on my MBP on my MBA, so I can’t be sure it wouldn’t have worked first time; I’ll keep trying that, though and will report my findings. I think it only happens with the first app that I upgrade; if I’m upgrading more than one, for instance on Saturdays when I get the VersionTracker newsletter, the second and subsequent upgrades go without a hitch.



Haha, boy do I feel sheepish. Thanks for the heads-up, Keith, it worked fine once I stopped working off of the disk image. Thanks again!