Update error

In the Scrivener menu, you select Chweck for Updates … and get an error:

An error occurred in retrieving update information. Please try again later.

This error has been persistent since I installed S.Any fix?

Do you get any information in the Console (Applications/Utilities/Console.app) when this happens? If you open up that application, and manually check for updates in Scrivener, does anything come up? If so, paste the results that you see into this thread.

But meanwhile, check “About Scrivener” in the Scrivener menu. What number do you see at the bottom, above the copyright? You should have 1.54. If not, you could download the DMG from the website and install the newer version by hand. If you have a very old version it might be having problems updating itself.


Thanx for the response. Sorry you lost me w/ the Console suggestion. I open it up & do not have a clue what to do; no time to learn either.

No, I have v. 1.11. Hope that’s not “a very old version”. I’ll follow your DMG suggestion.


You don’t need to do anything with the Console - once it’s open, just click on “All Messages” at the top of the list on the left, and then all you do is look to see if anything gets written out there when you go to update.

I use a third-party updater known as Sparkle, which is very popular and in use by many programs, and I’ve never seen this error before - could it be that you have a firewall that is blocking the connection, or a program like Little Snitch set to block it?

In any case, Scrivener 1.11 is indeed very old - about two years old - so you should definitely download the latest version from the website. Another way of keeping up to date is to sign up for the newsletter at the bottom of this page:


I send out updates to everyone signed up letting them know as soon as a new version is released (and we don’t spam - newsletters are few and far between and the only ones I’ve sent out to date have all been to notify users of a free update; in the future it will be used for the same, with the exception that we will also notify users of the paid update, 2.0, when it is available, and of other versions of Scrivener, should they ever happen).

Hope that helps.

All the best,