Update failed, now I can't get the app to launch


I saw that there was an update and I accepted it. Then I clicked the button to Install and Relaunch. It never seemed to finish, so I quit it. Now I cannot relaunch Scrivener and I’m not certain which steps to take next.


I checked QuickTime and it launches just fine. Saw that in the ReadMe.

Is there a way to re-install or to update again? I don’t see how to do that. Maybe the update was interrupted or something.


Just redownload it from http://scrivener.s3.amazonaws.com/Scrivener.dmg (linked to from http://www.literatureandlatte.com/trial.html)

Oh yea!

So, do I now have the trial version? Or will this be back to my regular version?

Thank you sooooo much for this!

You’ll know if it’s the trial version because it will tell you so whenever you launch the app. As the licence information is stored separately and not inside the application itself if you were registered before then re-downloading and re-installing the app should not generally reset it to the trial version; if it was registered before it should still be.
All the best,

Oh thank goodness!

I’ve got that back in and reinstalled my FireFox as well, which I abandoned last month after similar trouble.

Thank goodness for occasionally insomnia.

I’m addicted to my Scrivener now. I just adapted a Celtic myth to play format for our Solstice party next week.

Thank you all!