Update failing

Scrivener tells me that there’s an update available (it’s showing the current version as v3.0.2). But when it starts downloading the update it succeeds as far as around 8 or 10 megabytes then says “Update failed”. Is there a workaround?

Can try from here:


Or direct from here:

literatureandlatte.com/download … ivener.dmg

111.5 MB file.

Thanks, Joro, will do.

Trying again - failed the first time.

Tried again, failed again, failed better.

Trying again later.

Failed again this morning.

Aha, finally got it to download - for the use of anyone on Mac, I couldn’t get it to work on Chrome, but on Safari it was possible to use “view downloads” and to click the “restart” symbol whenever it stopped. It took a long time, but it did eventually download and instal.

JoRo’s point was that if the update is failing for some reason (a firewall or something perhaps? We have no other reports of this), then you can bypass the update and just download and re-install directly from our downloads page (the links JoRo provided).