Update issue, and where is L&L download server?

Where is the server for Scrivener updates located. I am in Australia with a 100Mbps connection, upgrading from to which would presumably not be a big file.
So far I’m an 45% and am 5 minutes in! It’s downloading at less than 400 Kbps!

Edit: It downloaded and I hit install and it closed the app but nothing happened. Reopen app - still old version.

Looking at the downloads page is seems current version is actually so according to the instructions I need to download the trial version and then apply the licence?

Will it recognise I have an existing licence and transfer that across? The link isn’t 100% clear on that.

I’ll try now.

OK so I have installed and it appears to be activated :slight_smile:

I’m still interested though as to where the download server is.

Any download of the Scrivener application is going to include the entire application package. There’s no mechanism to “patch” an existing installation via a partial download.

Downloads are hosted by Amazon Web Services. I don’t know what their coverage is like in Australia specifically, but they’re certainly one of the leaders in the space. You might want to benchmark your connection and talk to your provider.

I just ran a test - a download of also from Australia (Melbourne in my case) with NBN speed 50Mbps- less than 10 seconds to complete (took me more time to work out where to save the file).
Hope this helps.


Very strange can’t find any reason mine was so slow. Anyway all sorted now so no worries.

We never get a direct link from our machines to whatever download server is in use. Our data (for all network-based software we use) goes through many intermediate systems from our own routers, through switches in our ISPs, and then onward through any number of other routers/switches/etc to the serer. A quick way to see what the current route is is to use traceroute in a command line window and watching in amazement where the data goes. For example, at the moment there are eight hops between me and google.com; tries literatureandlatte.com but it bugs out after about eight hops. Simiiarly the route to ChatGPT for me is eight steps.

If one or more of the normal intervening boxes is down or running slow then no matter how fast our connections are the overal speed is limited by those.